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     Yann Tiersen

Tiersen was born in Brest and currently lives in Paris. When he was young, he had classical training in some music academies (Rennes, Nantes, Boulogne and more), and later was part of a few rock bands. Before releasing his first album, for some time, he recorded background music for plays and short films.

He reached success in France when in 1998 he released his third album Le Phare, but he did not gain notable popularity outside France until he provided his music to the also French movie Le fabuleux destin d'Amelie Poulain in 2001 (he took some of his old songs, and composed new ones for the movie).

The French movies La Vie Revee des Anges (1998, Erick Zonca), Alice et Martin (1998, Andre Techine) and Qui Plume la Lune? (Christine Carriere, 1999), as well as the German film Good Bye, Lenin! (2003, Wolfgang Becker), all have music by Tiersen.

In his albums, some songs are instrumental pieces, while other are sung by Tiersen himself or by guest artists. Yann Tiersen list of collaborators has been growing album after album (see discography below for details). While composing his fifth album, L'absente, Tiersen made collaborations for Francoiz Breut and Les Tetes Raides respective albums.

His live performances vary greatly from one to another. Sometimes he carries an orchestra and many of his guest collaborators. Other times, he more frequently offers more minimalistic sessions, usually accompanied only by a drummer/bassis and a guitarist, with Tiersen himself switching seamlessly between piano, accordion and violins for the more intimistic songs, and electric guitar for his harder pieces. At times, Yann Tiersen got the help of Dominique A when touring, whenever he is not busy with his live or recording duties.


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  как основной исполнитель ...
 Yann Tiersen - 'L'Absente' - 2002, Labels
 Yann Tiersen - 'La Valse Des Monstres' - 1995, Semantic
 Yann Tiersen - 'Le Phare' - 1998, Virgin France

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