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     Sadao Watanabe

Born: Feb 1, 1933 in Utsunomiya, Japan
Genre: Jazz
Styles: Fusion, Jazz-Pop, Crossover Jazz, Instrumental Pop, Neo-Bop, Bop
Instruments: Sax (Alto)

Sadao Watanabe has long had a split musical personality. He alternates excellent bebop dates with weak pop albums that pale next to the leaders of the idiom (such as Grover Washington, Jr. and David Sanborn). Watanabe learned clarinet and alto in high school, and in the 1950s he moved to Tokyo, joining Toshiko Akiyoshi's bop-oriented group in 1953. When the pianist moved to the U.S. in 1956, Watanabe took over the band. He attended Berklee during 1962-1965 and had the opportunity to work with Gary McFarland, Chico Hamilton, and Gabor Szabo. However, Watanabe has remained mostly based in Japan throughout his career where he is a major influence on younger players. He has recorded steadily through the years, most notably with Chick Corea in New York (1970) and with the Galaxy All-Stars (1978). Watanabe's bop records are inspired by Charlie Parker, but his Brazilian-flavored pop dates are instantly forgettable.

-Scott Yanow (All Music Guide)

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 Sadao Watanabe - 'Elis' - 1988, Electra
 Sadao Watanabe - 'Go Straight Ahead'N Make A Left' - 1997, Verve
 Sadao Watanabe - 'I'm Old Fashioned' - 1976, East Wind-Japan
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 Sadao Watanabe - 'Parker's Mood' - 1985, Elektra
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 Don Grusin - 'The Hang' - 2004, Sovereign Artists

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