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     Koby Israelite

I studied piano at the conservatoire of music from the age of 9. By the time I was 14 years old I begged my parents for a drum-kit. Within 2 years 1 settled for a makeshift drum-set; old drums pieced together with a dodgy broken cymbal.

I started by playing punk covers (in Hebrew) with local bands at school, At 17 I studied the drums for 2 years with 'The David Rich Drumming School in Tel Aviv'. Throughout my drumming education I got into jazz drawing inspiration from Tony Williams, Peter Erskine and Jack de Johnette. At the same time I was deeply into heavy metal music, playing in the first speed metal band in Israel.

After wasting 3 years in the Israeli Army I came to England with music on my mind. My musical motivations early on were not to compromise what I wanted to do as a drummer. I worked as a semi-pro musician, so that I could play music I wanted to play and I would not have to count on drumming to make a living. This meant I was forced to do all sorts of shitty jobs in order to support myself.

Jobs included:
Tiler, Builder, Decorator - once I knocked down the wrong wall!
Gardner - once I cured a rose bush with WD4O honestly - but don't try this at home!
And a Driver for a courier company - I was the legendary Kilo 85.

After two - 'nearly successful' 'the record deal is only a signature away' original band projects, I changed direction altogether. Momentarily I wrote a book about how NOT to 'make it' in the music industry called The Real Real Book'.

By 1994 the next career move was to work as a session drummer. I played, recorded and toured with various artists. I made a living gigging 5-6 nights a week. During this period I started thinking about working on my own music. By 1999 I started writing and recording my own music.


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