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     Gabriele Mirabassi

Genre: Jazz
Styles: Post-Bop
Instruments: Clarinet

Italian clarinetist Gabriele Mirabassi was born in Perugia and studied both modern classical music and jazz improvisation at the prestigious Morlacchi Conservatory, from which he graduated in 1986. At first, he focused on performing modern compositions under the direction of figures like John Cage and Gunther Schuller, among many others. However, in 1992, he cut the jazz-oriented recording Coloriage with accordionist Richard Galliano, which helped make a name for him on the European jazz scene. Eventually, Mirabassi chose to focus solely on jazz; he went on to perform at numerous high-profile jazz events in Europe and beyond, and began recording regularly for Egea in the mid-'90s. 1995's Fiabe was a duo outing with pianist Stefano Battaglia, and the 1996 quartet session Come Una Volta helped him win an Italian award as the year's top new talent. 1997's Cambaluc was a larger-scale outing that teamed him with Galliano, his brother Giovanni on piano, guitarist Battista Lena, organist Riccardo Tesi, and the Namaste Clarinet Quartet. Mirabassi teamed with guitarist Sergio Assad for the 1999 duets album Velho Retrato, and formed a regular trio with accordionist Luciano Biondi and tuba player Michel Godard. This lineup dominated 2000's acclaimed Lo Stortino; the same year, Mirabassi recorded Luna Park with a horn-heavy sextet. 2001's 1 - 0 augmented the trio with mandolin player Patrick Vaillant, and Mirabassi also recorded with Rabih Abou-Khalil that year.

- Steve Huey (All Music Guide)


Gabriele Mirabassi was born in Perugia were he studied clarinet at the Conservatory "F. Morlacchi" and graduated in 1986 with honours.
For some years he had taken a great interest in contemporary music and founded his own group with other young musicians from Perugia: L'Artisanat Furieux Ensemble, which was active from 86 to 92. At the same time played with the Ensemble dei Quaderni Perugini di Musica Contemporanea, with Ensemble Veni of Bratislava and with the Ensemble Musica Negativa of Frankfurt.

Performing under prestigious conductors like Gunter Schuller, John Cage, Jurg Wittenbach, Siegfried Palm, Luis Andriessen and Reiner Rhin, he participated in several Festivals of contemporary music in Italy and abroad: the Biennial in Zagabria, Melos-Ethos in Bratislava, The Festival of Athens, Salle Patino in Geneva, Spazio Musica in Cagliari, etc.

His involvement with jazz went side by side with his interest in contemporary music, and continued to grow after the recording of Coloriage in duo with the accordionist Richard Galliano and it is now is his exclusive activity.
His last Cd Lo Stortino with Luciano Biondini, Michel Godard and Francesco D'Auria was presented in Umbria Jazz 2000 and has been appreciated by the public and the critics in Italy and abroad.

Gabriele has collaborated with some of the most outstanding Italian and European musicians and took part in important jazz festivals in Italy: Umbria Jazz, Pescara Jazz, Vignola, Tivoli, Bergamo Jazz, Clusone, etc and abroad: Moers in Germany, Varna in Bulgaria, Fete de l'Humanite in Paris, Amiens, the Festivals in Bejing and Shanghai, The Montreal Festival and at the Knitting Factory in New York.

He was awarded at Top Jazz '96 as "best new talent".


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 Gabriele Mirabassi - 'Lo Stortino' - 2000, EGEA
 Gabriele Mirabassi - 'Luna Park' - 2000, EGEA
 Gabriele Mirabassi - 'Velho Retrato' - 1999, EGEA
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 Rabih Abou-Khalil - 'Morton's Foot' - 2003, Enja
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 Richard Galliano - 'Coloriage' - 1992, EGEA
 Enrico Pieranunzi - 'Racconti Mediterranei' - 2000, Egea
 Cristina Zavalloni - 'Idea' - 2006, EGEA

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