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     Vyacheslav Artyomov

Vyacheslav Artyomov (1940) graduated from the Moscow Conservatory in 1968. An examination of his music reveals an interest which ranges from the archaic ("Invocations", "Totem")and Christian motifs ("Requiem", "Ave, Maria") to Eastern meditation ("Awakening", "A Symphony of Elegies", "Moonlight Dreams"). In spirit Artyomov considers himself an adherent of the romantic tradition. For Artyomov all elements of musical language attend to one main purpose - penetration into the deepest levels of an inner world, discovering of the "Other World" in oneself. The process of obtaining knowledge of this world can be a way of the joint moral perfecting of both composer and listener: Artyomov believes in the transfiguration of the created world through music.

His music has been performed by conductors - G.Rozhdestvensky, D.Kitayenko, M.Rostropovich, V.Fedoseyev, T.Minbayev, V.Kozhin, S.Sondetskis, M.Pletnev, F.Glushchenko, Virko Baley, pianists - S.Bunin, D.Alekseyev, A.Diyev, violinists - L.Isakadze, O.Krysa, T.Grindenko, V.Igolinsky, organists - O.Yanchenko, A.Semionov, singers - L.Davidova, L.Piatigorskaya, M.Mescheriakova, N.Lee, Ye.Brilyova, L.Petrova.

Ten TV films including full "Requiem", the cycle "Symphony of the Way" and the premiere in London are prepared in 1992-1995 about Artyomov and his music.

Artyomov is an actual member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences.


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 Vyacheslav Artyomov - 'Hymns' - 1991, Melodiya
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 Virko Baley - 'Orchestral Works' - 1993, Russian Disc

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