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     Uwe Kropinski

Born 1952 in Berlin

Х Began playing guitar at age 14
Х 1972 played in various bands, rock music
Х 1973 - 76 studied classical and jazz guitar at the Berlin "Musikhochschule Hanns Eisler"
Х 1977 started playing jazz, free jazz and improvised music
Х 1977 first solo performance
Х 1977 - 86 member of various jazz or improvising groups in former GDR, and teacher at Musikhochschule
Х Played with the finest jazz players in East Germany, including Konrad Bauer
Х Led his own quartett with Volker Schlott (as, ss), Gunther Bartel (b), Peter Groning (dr)
Х Played duetts with John Tchicai (sax), Joelle Leandre (b) and Rudolf Dasek (g)
Х Performed with various dancers, including Arila Siegert
Х Toured in almost every European country
Х 1986 changed domicile to Nurnberg, 87 to Koln
Х Several recording projects as a leader which have earned international acclaim
Х Several featured articles in various international publications
Х Projects as a soloist, with different european musicians and American bassist David Friesen
Х Wrote a lot of compositions,some are availble in books:"Guitar-guitar" and "Departure" with Friesen
Х 1993 Afrika tour with flutist Michael Heupel (Goethe-Institut)
Х Since 1989 plays special guitars with 39 frets made by the great guitar maker from Holland Theo Scharpach (Achterste Aa 14, NL 5571 Bergeyk)
Х He also gives workshops for improvisation and special guitar techniques
Х Developed a unique system to use the guitar body as a percussion instrument
Х Composed music for an animated film
Х 1995 played with Jamaaladeen Tacuma
Х Worked with Rolf and Joachim Kuhn
Х At the Bauhaus Dessau he did the music for several dance projekts with Arila Siegert, Iris Sputh and Thomas Hartmann
Х Living in Berlin since 1998
Х Since the early nineties he also works as a photographer; the photographs were used for his own and for other artists CD-covers
Х His photographs were exhibited several times as Uwe THEO Kropinski


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