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     Dwayne Dolphin

Dwayne Dolphin began playing the drums at ten years of age. In that same year he began to play the bass guitar. By the time Dolphin was fifteen, he was on the jazz scene working with Pittsburgh greats such as Roger Humphries, Pete Henderson, and Carl Arter.

Upon graduation from high school, Dwayne headed for the bright lights of New York City to start the beginning of a promising career in the world of jazz. Dolphins' talent was immediately put to use by Grammy Award winning trumpeter Wynton Marsalis. While touring extensively throughout the USA with Marsalis, he also appeared on the Tonight Show with this award-winning quintet. Dolphin then joined the Hank Crawford Group. It was the teaching of Crawford that schooled this young lion about the true meaning of the blues.

Firmly rooted in the traditional jazz format, Modern Jazz was the next challenge for the young bassist. Touring the United States, Europe, and Japan with Geri Allen, Wallace Roney, Don Byron, and Oliver Lake.

Never forgetting his roots, Dwayne returned to the mainstream to work with the incomparable Stanley Turrentine. He toured with, as well as recorded on one of Turrentines' most memorable records ("T-Time").

Throughout his career, Dolphin has had the opportunity to play and record with the "Who's Who" of music. Nancy Wilson, Melba Moore, Fred Wesley, and Abby Lincoln, just to name a few.

Mr. Dolphins' vast and diverse experience has afforded him the opportunity to lend his musical expertise in many areas. Including performances with The Pittsburgh Ballet Theaters production of "Indigo In Motion", as well as his current position at Duquesne University as Adjunct Professor of Jazz.

His latest recording project is involving his very innovative Piccolo Bass. With this self-designed instrument, Dwayne expresses and invites us all to see a side of him that we have never seen before. With his new release " 4 Robin" scheduled for Spring 2004, he will mesmerize you with a style that is completely all his own.


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