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     Barry Guy

Born: Apr 22, 1947 in London, England
Genre: Jazz
Styles: Avant-Garde, Free Jazz, Avant-Garde Jazz, Free Improvisation
Instruments: Bass, Leader

The leader of an exciting avant-garde big band called the London Jazz Composers Orchestra beginning in 1970, Barry Guy is one of the top free-form string bassists, able to get a wide variety of unusual sounds out of his instrument. Classically trained, Guy has had simultaneous careers in advanced jazz and contemporary classical music. He was in the Spontaneous Music Ensemble with Trevor Watts and John Stevens (1967-1970), has played in a variety of adventurous small groups (including Amalgam and Iskra 1903), and has recorded often with Evan Parker, Derek Bailey, and the London Jazz Composers Orchestra, including for his own Maya label.

-Scott Yanow (All Music Guide)

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 Barry Guy - 'Mad Dogs' - 2013, Not Two
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 Evan Parker - 'At The Vortex' - 1996, Emanem
 Evan Parker - 'Obliquities' - 1995, Maya
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 Dowland Project - 'Care-charming Sleep' - 2003, ECM
 Dowland Project - 'Night Sessions' - 2013, ECM
 John Dowland - 'In Darkness Let Me Dwell' - 1999, ECM
 Agusti Fernandez - 'Morning Glory' - 2010, Maya
 Mats Gustafsson - 'Hidros One' - 2001, Caprice
 London Jazz Composers' Orchestra - 'Double Trouble' - 1990, Intakt
 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - 'Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, K.256. Serenata Notturna, K239. Notturno, K.286' - 1984, Decca

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