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     Carlo Farina

Born: C.1600
Died: C.1640
Genre: Classical
Instruments: Violin

Virtuoso violin technicalities informed this composers music, performance and place in the history of music. Farina studied at Mantua probably in the presence and perhaps under the tutelage of Rossi and Buonamente. Before his presence in the Dresden court - where most of his compositions were written - violin nobility did not exist. After his appearance and his influence such notables as Cramer, the elder Schop and Vierdanck made their debuts. His works include sonatas, dances, sinfonias, canzonas and program pieces. Merits of his compositions are few with the exceptional qualities of lucid technical direction, requisite virtuosity, showmanship and imagination. "Capriccio stravagante" was a four part piece that demonstrated the imitative potential of the violin including an unprecedented and elaborate use of the G string. In this program music of Farina's the violin was employed to imitate dogs barking, cats fighting, roosters crowing, drummers drumming, et al.

-Keith Johnson (All Music Guide)

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