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     Jeanne Lamon

Violinist Jeanne Lamon has devoted herself to the performance of Baroque and Classical music on period instruments since 1972, both as a soloist and - since 1981 - as musical director of the Canadian-based chamber orchestra Tafelmusik. Critics in Europe and North America have praised Lamon both for her virtuosity and her strong musical leadership, which has brought Tafelmusik international recognition as one of the best ensembles in its field.

Since 1990, Lamon and Tafelmusik have recorded exclusively for Sony Classical. Of her performance as soloist on Tafelmusik's recording of Vivaldi's The Four Seasons, BBC Music Magazine wrote, "Her playing puts expressiveness before virtuosity and is quite beautiful in the slow movements which she ornaments freely adding a refreshing touch of spontaneity to music which is after all very familiar." In praising Tafelmusik's expressive sensibility in its Sony Classical recording of Bach violin concertos, The New York Times wrote in 1996 that the feeling was "most powerfully conveyed in the Adagio of the E Major Concerto, where, over a measured tread, Jeanne Lamon spins out a radiant, sad line that might be a wordless aria from a Bach Passion."

"Lamon is a true virtuoso - there are few better Baroque violinists in the world today," Continuo wrote in 1996, "and she led the ensemble of eighteen musicians in a concert that sounded like a non-playing conductor was choreographing every move."

In reviewing the Tafelmusik recording of the Brandenburg Concertos, Gramophone's critic wrote, "To my ears these are Brandenburgs straight from the heart and as such they are performances which invite repeated listening ... Concerto No. 4 comes over well, above all for the effectively articulated and warmly coloured violin playing by Jeanne Lamon, the leader and director of Tafelmusik."

Lamon teaches at the University of Toronto and Toronto's Royal Conservatory of Music. She received an honorary Doctor of Letters from York University, Canada, in 1994. In 1996, Lamon became the first recipient of the Muriel Sherrin Award which is presented by the Toronto Arts Council Foundation to artists and creators who have excelled at international initiatives in the fields of music or dance.


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