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     Budapest String Quartet

The Budapest Quartet was one of the most distinguished chamber music ensembles of our time. Organized in Budapest, Hungary, its first concert was in 1917, after which they embarked on a series of European and International tours which rapidly established its reputation in a dozen countries. Its first leader was Emil Hauser who was succeeded by Joseph Roisman and by 1936 all the members were Russian or Ukrainian. The Quartet settled in the USA in 1938 and until 1962 was in residence at the Library of Congress, Washington, DC. The quartet disbanded in 1967.

Known the world over for its warm expressive interpretations of the classical repertory, particularly Beethoven, the Budapest String Quartet discography was a staple of the Columbia and Columbia Masterworks catalog for over three decades. To this day, their recordings are sought after for their unrivaled balance and blending of suave, soulful and immaculately pure tone, which achieves a unity of effect that is unequaled, and brings a poetry and understanding to its interpretations.


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 Johannes Brahms - 'Quartet No. 3 B-flat Major, Op. 67. Clarinet Quintet B Minor, Op. 115' - 1961, CBS Records
 Johannes Brahms - 'String Quartet Op.51 No.1. Piano Quintet' - 1989, CBS Records

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