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     Skip Sempe

Skip Sempe is acknowledged as "a remarkable representative of the newest generation of harpsichord players". He is especially admired for his interpretation of 17th century music - particularly that of French school, and for his authoritative knowledge of Baroque performance tradition, both historical and in the 20th century. He has performed on both harpsichord and clavichord since a very early age when he also discovered the recordings of Landowska.

With his recordings for Deutsche Harmonia Mundi Skip Sempe follows in the tradition of his teacher Leonhardt, with both well known and less familiar repertoire. On Skip Sempe's solo recording debut, "Francois Couperin: Pieces de clavecin" (DHM RD 77219): "His touch and evident mastery of French Baroque nuance mark him out as a performer of very great talent. Where once there was Gustav Leonhardt and the rest, now, on the basis of this recording there is Leonhardt, Sempe and the rest".

Skip Sempe is the founder of Capriccio Stravagante, a chamber ensemble for 17th and 18th century instrumental and vocal music. They focus on Monteverdi, Lully, Purcell. music for the theatre and the 17th century traditions that influenced Couperin, Bach and their contemporaries. Capriccio Stravagante is a well established and close-knit team of young virtuosi who have been internationally acclaimed for their unfettered musical imagination, brilliance and rigorous ensemble playing.

The versatility and expressive range of their basso continuo accompaniment lend their sound a richness that has enthralled audiences on tours including London's Wigmore Hall, the Amsterdam Concertgebouw, the Florence Gould Hall in New York, the Boston Early Music Festival, the Smithsonian Institution in Washington. D.C., the Versailles Opera Royal, the Villa
Medici in Rome, and the Charlottenburg Palace in Berlin.

This year they will appear in Athens, tour Scandinavia, and open the Baroque seasons in Colmar and the Theatre de la Ville, Paris.

Skip Sempe and Capriccio Stravagante record exclusively for Deutsche Harmonia Mundi.

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 Skip Sempe - 'Venezia Stravaganza' - 2004, Alpha
 Skip Sempe - 'Versailles: L'ile Enchantee' - 2001, Alpha
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 Antoine Forqueray - 'Pieces De Viole. Pieces De Clavecin' - 1991, Harmonia mundi

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