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     Joachim Quartet

The Joachim-Quartet from Hannover, Germany, has named itself after the famous violinist composer and conductor. Joseph Joachim (1831-1907). Joachim lived in Hannover for many years and was employed as a musician at the Royal House of Hannover. The primarius, Volker Worlitzsch, is in possession of one of the violins - a Grancino - that Joachim had in his collection.

The Joachim-Quartet is a quartet of the young generation. Shortly after its foundation it won the German Competition in Bonn and it has since appeared in numerous concert halls throughout Europe.

The Joachim-Quartet has established itself successfully in many concerts and has played in important music centers such as Munich. Hamburg, Bremen, and Berlin, and has played for the President of the Federal Republic of Germany in the Castle Bellevue. It is therefore proud to present itself on the record market with this recording of the string quartets by Alexander Borodin.

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 Alexander Porfiryevich Borodin - 'Die Streichqurtette' - 1982, Thorofon

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