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     Quatuor Helios

Isabelle Berteletti, Jean-Christophe Feldhandler, Florent Haladjian and Le Quan Ninh met together in 1980. In 1986 they form Quatuor Helios to perform the first pieces for percussion by John Cage. The group recorded a first CD devoted to these pieces in 1989 (John Cage - Works for Percussion -Wergo WER-6203-2/Harmonia Mundi)

In the same year, Quatuor Helios won a prize for its interpretation of these pieces during a competition organised by FNACEM.

In 1996, the group is in residence in the area of Vandoeuvre-les-Nancy (F). During this residence called Perihelie and organised by the Centre Culturel Andre Malraux they performed numerous concerts, premiered several new pieces as well as giving different workshops.

Since its creation, Quatuor Helios works with composers to develop different languages of contemporary percussion, mixing often "classical" instruments, new technology and musical acting


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www.lequanninh.net/helios/?voir=bio&lang=en Personal website. Biography, group members, recordings
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 John Cage - 'Works For Percussion' - 1991, Wergo

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