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     Marin Marais

Born: May 31, 1656 in Paris, France
Dead: Aug 15, 1728 in Paris, France
Genre: Chamber Music
Country: France

Marais was the preeminent bass viol player in turn-of-the-seventeenth century France. Although he composed four operas, he is primarily remembered for his some 600 compositions for various combinations of bass viols. These works were in the French tradition of collections of various pieces, rather than the Italian concertos and sonatas. The collections, ranging from seven to 41 pieces each, consist primarily of dances, fantasies, chaconnes, rondeaux, tombeaux, and pieces de caractere. These last are short, colorful works including descriptive titles such as Les voix humaines and Cloche ou carillon. There is even one work that is meant to describe an operation for the removal of a bladder stone. Marais intended these pieces to be played on any instruments, but they are in fact idiomatically suited for the bass viol and represent the finest collection of pieces for that instrument. Among Marais' numerous other compositions, his Pieces en trio pour les flutes, violon, et dessus de viole (Trios for flute, violin and highest viol) of 1692 was the first published set of trio sonatas in France.

Marais spent his entire life in Paris. Little is known of his childhood other than his having studied with Sainte-Colombe, the most prominent violist and teacher at the time. In 1679, he became the "Regular Violist for the King," a position he held until his retirement in 1725. Marais also studied composition with Lully and subsequently worked with him throughout his career as a violist in his ensemble. Lully probably encouraged Marais to compose his four operas, Alcide (1693), Ariane et Bacchus (1696), Alcione (1706), and Semele (1709). All four are rather typical five-act tragedies very much in Lully's style, and seemed to have been considerably successful, Alcione being staged as late as 1771. It is as the greatest and most important composer for the bass viol, however, that Marais is remembered today.

-Steven Coburn (All Music Guide)


Марен Маре (31 мая 1656, Париж - 15 августа 1728, там же) - французский композитор и исполнитель на виоле да гамба.

До 16 лет пел в хоре мальчиков церкви Сен-Жермен-л'Осерруа. Затем учился игре на виоле у Жана де Сент-Коломба. В 1679 г. получил звание придворного музыканта.

В 1686 г. опубликовал первый сборник собственных сочинений для виолы да гамба - "Пьесы для одной и для двух виол" (фр. Pieces a une et a deux violes); всего в наследии Маре около 600 пьес для его основного инструмента. Кроме того, он написал сборник трио, отражающий репертуар придворного музицирования (фр. Pieces en trio pour les flu^tes, violons et dessus de viole avec la basse continue), и четыре оперы ("музыкальные трагедии") на сюжеты греческих мифов: "Алкид" (фр. Alcide; 1693), "Ариадна и Вакх" (фр. Ariane et Bacchus; 1696), "Алкиона" (фр. Alcyone; 1706) и "Семела" (фр. Se'me'le'; 1709).

К музыке Маре неоднократно обращались такие исполнители, как Николаус Арнонкур, Жорди Савалль, Роберт Эйткен, Пьер Антай, Филипп Пьерло.


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