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     Univers Zero

Formed in 1974, Univers Zero's main members at that time were drummer Daniel Denis and guitarist Roger Trigaux. The prog rock group released its first album, 1313, in 1977. The band followed up that one with Heresie two years later. In 1980, Trigaux left to begin a new musical endeavor called Present. Undaunted, the group continued on, releasing Ceux De Dehors in 1981. Two years later, Univers Zero put out Crawling Wind (which Cuneiform reissued with bonus tracks in 2001). Continuing on, the next year saw the release of Uzed. Two years later, they put out Heatwave. The group broke up in 1987, but got back together late in the following decade, releasing The Hard Quest in 1999 and Rhythmix in 2002.

-Gary Hill (All Music Guide)

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 Univers Zero - 'Ceux Du Dehors' - 1981, Cuneiform
 Univers Zero - 'Crawling Wind' - 2001, Cuneiform

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