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     Sonja Kristina

Sonja Kristina first appeared on a stage at the Swan Folk Club in Romford at the tender age of thirteen. Her first professional gig was at a Folk Festival in Southgate, London a year or so later. She even did a series of appearances on the children's TV show "Song and Story."

Sonja continued playing in folk clubs such as the Troubadour in Earl's Court while at the New College of Speech and Drama. She began writing her own songs at that time, and had acquired the services of the same manager as Al Stewart and Buffy St. Marie. She was booked into a number of well-known venues, among them the Marquee Club, as "Sonja."

In 1968, Sonja auditioned for and won the part of "Crissy" in the London stage production of the rock musical "Hair". She appeared on the original cast album singing "Frank Mills," which was also released as a single. The show was being produced by Galt McDermott, who also had another play, "Who the Murderer Was," at the Mercury Theatre in Notting Hill Gate.

Performing for the show were a band called Curved Air, late of the name "Sisyphus." Mark Hanau, an aspiring band manager, had seen the show and decided he wanted to manage Curved Air. He also had seen Sonja perform and suggested she audition for the band, as he felt that female vocals were the only missing ingredient. The sound came together almost immediately, and the five-piece Curved Air was born.


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 Sonja Kristina - 'Harmonics Of Love' - 1995, HTD
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 Curved Air - 'Air Conditioning' - 1970, Collector's Choice
 Curved Air - 'Phantasmagoria' - 1972, Warner Bros.
 Curved Air - 'Second Album' - 1971, WEA, Warner Bros.

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