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     Yuli Turovsky

Yuli Turovsky and Luba Edlina are well known as members of the renowned Borodin Trio with violinist Rostislav Dubinsky. The Trio was formed after the three members emigrated from the Soviet Union in 1976, since when they have established themselves as one of the best piano trios of our generation.

Yuli Turovsky studied at the Moscow Conservatory: he was a prize-winner of the Third Soviet Cello Competition and a laureate at the 22nd International Prague Spring Competition in 1970. His many performances as soloist with the Moscow Chamber Orchestra won him acclaim before he emigrated to Montreal, where he now teaches at the Conservatoire du Musique. He is founding Music Director and conductor of Canada's chamber orchestra I Musici de Montreal and is also a member of the Turovsky Duo with his wife Eleonora, concertmaster of I Musici de Montreal. He has been guest soloist with the Montreal Symphony, Detroit, Vancouver, Phoenix, Athens, Halifax, Stockholm, Cape Town, and many other orchestras. Mr. Turovsky has had an increasingly active recording career: to date he has produced more than forty records, from the wide-ranging repertoire of solo, duo, and trio works, and as conductor of I Musici de Montreal.

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