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     Luba Edlina

Luba Edlina is married to Rostislav Dubinsky: their musical association began at the Moscow Conservatory, where Ms. Edlina studied with Jacob Flier. As chamber music players in Russia they were members of the legendary Borodin Quartet, founded by Mr. Dubinsky. Luba Edlina is best known for her brilliant performances and recordings as pianist with the Quartet, and was associated with them for twenty years. The Dubinskys now live in the USA where they both teach at one of America's most prestigious schools of music, that of Indiana University. They perform the violin and piano repertoire together as the Dubinsky Duo.

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 Various Artists - 'Rachmaninov: Sonata For Cello & Piano Op.10. Myaskovsky: Sonata No.2 For Cello & Piano Op.81' - 1988, Chandos
  как соисполнитель ...
 Sergey Rachmaninov - 'The "Elegiac" Piano Trios' - 1984, Chandos

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