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     The Borodin Trio

The Borodin Trio was formed after the three members emigrated from the Soviet Union in 1976. Since that date, they have established themselves as one of the best piano trios of our generation, having played in all the major cities of Europe and America, as well as making a tour of Australasia. Their British debut at the Wigmore Hall in July 1978 was "and outstanding success in anyone's book" (Daily Telegraph) and other appearances have included the Bath, Malvern and Boston Festivals.

Rostislav Dubinsky was founder and first violinist of the legendary Borodin Quartet for thirty years. Decorated as Musical Artists of great merit for 25 years of service, the quartet had given some 3,000 concerts around the world up until the time of Dubinsky's emigration. During this period, he became a celebrated chamber music coach preparing a number of prize-winning ensembles for international competitions. He met his wife Luba Edlina at the Moscow Conservatory when they were both students. She is best know for her many brilliant performances and recordings as pianist with the Borodin Quartet and was associated with them for 20 years. The Dubinskys now live in the U.S.A. where they both teach at one of America's most prestigious schools of music, that of Indiana University: Mr. Dubinsky as Director of Chamber Music and Mme. Edlina in the piano faculty. Cellist Yuli Turovsky also studied at the Moscow Conservatory; he was prize-winner of the 3rd Soviet Cello Competition and a laureate at the 22nd International Prague Spring Competition in 1970. His many performances as soloist with the Moscow Chamber Orchestra won him acclaim before he emigrated in 1976 to Montreal where he now teaches at the Conservatoire de Musique. He is founding music director and conductor of Canada's new chamber orchestra, I Musici de Montreal.

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 Sergey Rachmaninov - 'The "Elegiac" Piano Trios' - 1984, Chandos

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