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     Jorge Alfano

Styles: Meditation, Spiritual, Relaxation, Ethnic Fusion, Andean Folk, Argentinean Folk, Healing, World Fusion
Instruments: Producer, Engineer, Sikus

Jorge Alfano has used the musical traditions of the Andes Mountain region as a springboard for his deeply meditative compositions. A clinical hypnotist and ordained metaphysical minister, the Argentina-born and New Jersey-based multi-instrumentalist has dedicated his work to, what he calls, "the evolution of human consciousness through music, sound and meditation". "Jazz Times" magazine described Alfano's music as "a cohesive statement about music universality with no excess hubris or crossover aftertaste". "Song Out!" observed that Alfano's "melodies are haunting and the sound of his flute is pure and sweet". Alfano studied music under Lopez Buchardo at the National Conservatory in Argentina and musical composition at the Mannes School of Music in New York. He continued to study Indian music with G.S. Sachdev and Aashish Khan and Japanese Zen music with Nyogetsu Seldin. In addition to his music studies, Alfano studied sound healing and polarity therapy at the Polarity School and music therapy in Buenos Aires. Alfano has worked as a studio musician since 1977, recording with numerous artists, including Astor Piazzolla and Mercedes Sosa, and has played on sessions for the Discovery Channel and "National Geographic". His compositions have been featured in several Argentinean films and theatrical productions. As a producer, Alfano has overseen recordings for such labels as Lyrichord, Earthsea, Interworld, The Relaxation Company, Ellipsis Arts, BMG and Microfon. Alfano's solo albums have been mainly rooted in Andean music. "Inti: Mystical Music Of The Andes", released in 1997, featured a collection of invocations for rituals of the Inti, the religion of the pre-Columbia people, the Kechuas. Alfano, however, has periodically branched out to more global influences. "One Heart", also released in 1997, offers a pan-global exploration of meditative music with Alfano's flutes, wind instruments, acoustic bass guitar and charango accompanied by percussionist Randy Crafton and sitar player Amit Chatterjee. Alfano traveled to the United States, in 1997, to perform with Astor Piazzolla in two Broadway shows. He's remained in the country and currently lives in Jersey City, New Jersey. In addition to teaching at the Sound Colloquim, Open Center, Theosophical Society and Sivanda Organization, Alfano is the founder of the Sacred Sounds Institute. In addition to his solo recordings, Alfano has performed and/or recorded with Bridges, the Amit Chatterjee Trio, O. Faruk Tekbilek Ensemble, John Wire's Musaic and his own group, Aconcagua.

-Craig Harris (All Music Guide)

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