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     The Great Jazz Trio

Drawing on 130 years of collective skill, talent and genius, The Great Jazz Trio's Someday My Prince Will Come is both a landmark recording and a fond farewell. Led by pianist Hank Jones with brother Elvin Jones and Richard Davis (who appeared on Elvin's 1967 Impulse! release, Heavy Sounds), the album is a celebratory journey through the standards repertoire with three giants of jazz, one recently departed and greatly missed.

Someday My Prince Will Come documents the final meeting of the two Jones brothers in the recording studio, brought together with Richard Davis by Eighty-Eight's producer Yasohachi "88" Itoh.

"This was our last session together," Jones recalls. "Elvin and I recorded an album a few years earlier for Verve (Upon Reflection: The Music Of Thad Jones). But we hadn't done that many over the years really (Elvin's Dear John C. and Elvin!). Of course, Elvin had his own group, so our paths didn't cross that much. But this time they happened to with Richard Davis on bass."

Surpassing expectations consistent with such virtuoso musicians performing within the aura of jazz mastery and perhaps under the spell of sibling telepathy, Someday My Prince Will Come is everything a Great Jazz Trio recording should be: explosive, sublime, daring, evocative, and of course, swinging.

Founded in 1976 by Hank Jones with drummer Tony Williams and bassist Ron Carter, The Great Jazz Trio performed regularly at the Village Vanguard resulting in their first album, Love For Sale. The original trio recorded numerous albums including Direct From L.A. and Milestones, but by the mid-80s the Trio, with Jones at the helm, enjoyed a revolving cast that included such drummers as Al Foster, Roy Haynes and Jimmy Cobb, and bassists Eddie Gomez, George Mraz and Mads Vinding. The Trio has recorded with such all-star guests as Art Farmer, Benny Golson and Nancy Wilson.

At the center of The Great Jazz Trio's music is Hank Jones' sensitive and sublime piano work, built on his exceptional taste, melodic sophistication and graceful approach. Hank Jones has played with such jazz greats as Coleman Hawkins, Ella Fitzgerald ,Charlie Parker, Artie Shaw, Lester Young and Wes Montgomery

Elvin Jones was (in)arguably the greatest jazz drummer of the 20th Century, his contribution to the John Coltrane Quartet resounding as one of the most important, lasting and influential statements made by any musician. Elvin can be heard on the early recordings of Sonny Rollins, Donald Byrd, Bud Powell and J.J. Johnson. Upon joining Coltrane in 1960, Jones began exploring an intricate, uniquely expressive polyrhythmic style that was the perfect foil to Coltrane's towering improvisations. Elvin recorded thousands of albums as a sideman, recorded several outstanding albums as a leader, and played with his own Jazz Machine band until his death in May, 2004.

Richard Davis is one of the most distinguished bassists in jazz. Equally adept in pop and classical settings, Davis has played or recorded with Sarah Vaughan, Eric Dolphy, the Thad Jones/ Mel Lewis Big Band, John Lennon, Barbara Streisand, Frank Sinatra as well as "beneath the batons" of Igor Stravinsky and Leonard Bernstein.


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