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     Bob Baldwin

Born: Dec 9, 1960 in Mount Vernon, NY
Styles: Jazz-Funk, Jazz-Pop, Crossover Jazz
Instruments: Bass, Keyboards, Keyboard Bass

Contemporary player tabbed by Malaco as an early signee when the company, best known for downhome Southern soul and blues, tried to expand into jazz during the late '80s. Baldwin's heavily synthesized, pop and funk-centered work didn't prove commercially potent, and he moved to Atlantic in 1990. He remained in Atlanta into the next decade and has had moderate success there, continuing to churn out the familiar instrumental pop tunes and carefully crafted numbers, in addition to working some in radio.

-Ron Wynn (All Music Guide)

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 Bob Baldwin - 'Betcha By Golly Wow: The Songs Of Thom Bell' - 2012, eOne
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 Bob Baldwin - 'Lookin' Back' - 2009, NuGroove
 Bob Baldwin - 'Never Can Say Goodbye: A Tribute To Michael Jackson' - 2010, Trippin 'N' Rhythm
 Bob Baldwin - 'Re-Vibe' - 2011, Trippin 'N' Rhythm
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 Marion Meadows - 'Another Side Of Midnight' - 1999, Ars Nova

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