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     21-st Century Schizoid Band

Genre: Rock

Five-piece band comprised of ex-King Crimson Mks. 1-3 members Ian McDonald (keyboards, saxes, vocals), Mel Collins (kayboards, saxes), Peter Giles (bass, backing vocals), and Michael Giles (drums), with Jakko Jakszyk (guitars, vocals). In essence, this is a King Crimson all-star team sans the obvious stars Robert Fripp and Greg Lake, and it has surprisingly large amount to offer. More artistically valid than, say, Creedence Clearwater Revisited or the incarnation of "the Byrds" led by Michael Clarke, this line-up is what Crimson might have become had it splintered in a different direction or two after 1969. The group possesses of a lot talent and is still inventive on the old repertory, even Peter Giles, who left professional music back in 1970.

-Bruce Eder (All Music Guide)

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 21-st Century Schizoid Band - 'Live In Japan & Italy' - 2004,

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