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     Hans Zender

Born in Wiesbaden, Hans Zender studied piano, conducting and composition at the music colleges of Frankfurt-am Main and Freiburg-im-Breisgau. He won a scholarship for composition at the German Academy, villa Massimo, Rome, and gained conducting experience at the Freiburg and Bonn opera houses.

He was appointed General Music Director of the Kiel opera while still in his twenties; at that time the youngest to hold such a position. There he conducted Der Ring des Nibelungen among other repertoire.

His next appointment was as chief conductor of the Saar Radio Symphony Orchestra which he brought up to an unprecedented level before moving to the Hamburg State Opera as General Music Director (1984-87). Since then his positions have included Chief Conductor of the Dutch Radio Chamber Orchestra, Principal Guest Conductor of the opera National, Brussels and Professor of composition at the Musikhochschule, Frankfurt-am-Main.

As a guest conductor, Hans Zender has appeared at the Salzburg, Bayreuth, Holland and Berlin Festivals and in Britain, the London Symphony Orchestra, BBC Symphony Orchestra, Philharmonia Orchestra and London Sinfonietta.

His compositions have been widely performed including his two operas, Stephen Climax premiered in Frankfurt and Don Quijote in Stuttgart.

He is presently co-chief conductor (with Sylvain Cambreling and Michael Gielen) of the Sudwestrundfunk Symphony Orchestra Baden-Baden/Freiburg.


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