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Tuu began when percussionist Martin Franklin began working with synthesist Mykl O'Dempsey during mid 80s. Together the duo composed environmental music for theater, exhibitions, and their own performances/instalations. Franklin later performed live with flautist Richard Clare, using minimal electronic accompaniment. As Franklin became interested in working with a third member and integrating synthesized elements into their music, he called upon O'Dempsey again. Franklin has also collaborated with Parkin and Eddy Sayer under the group name Stillpoint.

Exotic wind player and percussionist Nick Parkin has been composing and performing music for dance and theater for the last 15 years, creating everything from environmental soundscapes to drum and bass. Prior to this, Parkin played guitar, sax and flute for various jazz-rock and jazz combos.


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 TUU - 'Terma' - 1998, Fathom

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