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     The Vandermark 5

Formed: 1996
Styles: Free Jazz, Avant-Garde Jazz, Jazz-Funk, Modern Creative

The Chicago-based avant-jazz unit Vandermark 5 is led by reedist Ken Vandermark, who founded the group in 1996 with saxophonist Mars Williams, trombonist Jeb Bishop, bassist Kent Kessler and drummer Tim Mulvenna. The group's recording debut came early the following year with Single Piece Flow on the Chicago-based label Atavistic. The quintet returned in 1998 with Target or Flag, and each successive release garnered the group increasing critical praise. Saxophonist Dave Rempis replaced Williams prior to the Vandermark 5's third LP, Simpatico (1999). The group became a favorite at jazz festivals and in 2000, released their fourth album in four years (all on Atavistic), Burn the Incline. The following year brought their newest installment, Acoustic Machine, which included a limited edition bonus disc that was reissued in 2002 as part of Free Jazz Classics, Vols. 1 & 2. The band then changed drummers, welcoming Tim Daisy as the new man behind the kit. His first album with the band is 2003's Airports for Light.

- Jason Ankeny (All Music Guide)

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 The Vandermark 5 - 'Acoustic Machine' - 2001, Atavistic
 The Vandermark 5 - 'Burn The Incline' - 2000, Atavistic

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