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     Ken Vandermark

Born: Sep 22, 1964
Styles: Post-Bop, Free Jazz, Avant-Garde Jazz, Modern Creative, Avant-Garde, Modern Free
Instruments: Sax (Tenor), Leader, Clarinet, Clarinet (Bass)

Eyebrows were raised in the jazz world when it was announced that the relatively obscure and young Ken Vandermark was to receive a 1999 MacArthur "Genius" grant. Previous MacArthur recipients amongst jazz musicians included Cecil Taylor and Anthony Braxton - near-legendary figures who, over the course of long careers, created substantial bodies of work that have (to some degree) stood the test of time. Vandermark, just 35 at the time, was little-known outside of Chicago, and his music was not universally accepted to be as significant as musicians' like Taylor and Braxton. Whether or not he "deserved" such recognition at such a young age is subject to debate, but there's no question that Vandermark is a talented musician. His tenor sax and bass clarinet work is strong and expressive; his technique on all of his horns is as sure as can be, and his improvising and compositional styles are as intellectually engaging as they are original. Vandermark began playing trumpet in fourth grade and then switched to tenor sax as a junior in high school. He attended McGill University from 1982 to 1986. In 1986, he moved to Boston, where he led a trio called Lombard Street and studied bass clarinet. In 1989, he moved from Boston to Chicago, where he first attracted notice as a member of Hal Russell 's NRG Ensemble. His activities increased; he began leading several ensembles and became a mover and shaker, promoting and booking events with influential jazz critic John Corbett. His presence became a constant on the Chicago arts scene; he performs with a variety of bands, including the DKV Trio, Witches & Devils, the Vandermark 5, the Joe Harriot Project, and Steam.

-Chris Kelsey (All Music Guide)

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  как основной исполнитель ...
 Ken Vandermark - 'Collected Fiction: Improvised Bass & Reed Duos' - 2008, Okka Disk
 Ken Vandermark - 'Design In Time' - 1999, Delmark
 Ken Vandermark - 'Ideas' - 2005, Not Two Records
 Ken Vandermark - 'Lean Left: The Ex Guitars Meet Nilssen-Love, Vandermark Duo, Vol. 1' - 2008, Smalltown Superjazzz
 Ken Vandermark - 'Lean Left: The Ex Guitars Meet Nilssen-Love, Vandermark Duo, Vol. 2' - 2008, Smalltown Superjazzz
 Ken Vandermark - 'Straight Lines' - 1999, Atavistic
  как основной соисполнитель ...
 Tim Daisy - 'The Conversation' - 2011, Multikulti Project
 The AALY Trio - 'I Wonder If I Was Screaming' - 2000, Crazy Wisdom
 The AALY Trio - 'Live At The Glenn Miller Cafe' - 1999, Wobbly Rail
 The Vandermark 5 - 'Acoustic Machine' - 2001, Atavistic
 The Vandermark 5 - 'Burn The Incline' - 2000, Atavistic
  как соисполнитель ...
 Fred Anderson - 'Fred Anderson & DKV Trio' - 1996, Okka Disk
 Denison-Kimball Trio - 'Neutrons' - 1997, Quarterstick
 Full Blast - 'Sketches And Ballads' - 2013, Trost
 Guillermo Gregorio - 'Coplanar' - 2006, New World Jazz
 Powerhouse Sound - 'Oslo. Chicago (Breaks)' - 2007, Atavistic
 Side A - 'A New Margin' - 2011, Trem Azul, Clean Feed
 Sound In Action Trio - 'Gate' - 2006, Atavistic
 Steam - 'Real Time' - 2000, Atavistic
 Steelwool Trio - 'International Front' - 1995, Okka

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