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     Mauricio Kagel

Born: Dec 24, 1931 in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Dead: Sep 18, 2008
Styles: Modern Composition, Classical
Instruments: Composer

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Kagel proved to be one of the most versatile, creative and witty composers to come of age in the second half of the 20th century. He studied piano, theory, violoncello, organ, singing, and conducting, and was self-taught as a composer. Kagel also studied philosophy and literature extensively during his college years, and his career eventually included film and drama.

His early career found Kagel filling positions that drew upon all of these interests. He took a position in Colon as conductor of the Chamber Opera and Theater, also conducting new-music concerts in the late '50s. The 1960s found Kagel in the United States, where he undertook a lecture tour and taught briefly at the University of Buffalo. He then returned to Europe, where he filled Stockhausen's shoes as the director of the Institute of New Music at the Rheinsiche Musikschule. He was also a presence at the West German Radio electronic music studio, and produced several of his own films and plays.

One can find in Kagel's output elements ranging from serialism to expressionism to musique concrete to Dada to aleatoria. Many of his works also employ musical collage techniques, such as his "Music for Renaissance Instruments" and the music for the film Ludwig Van. The influence of Satie and Cage can be seen in "Der Schall" and "Unter Strom," two chamber pieces which call for a variety of archaic, invented, or "nonmusical" instruments. Again, however, these sounds are not thrown together with reckless abandon; as Kagel himself stated, "An essential aspect of my work is strict composition with elements which are not themselves pure."

-J. Neal (All Music Guide)


Маурисио Кагель (исп. Mauricio Kagel; 24 декабря 1931, Буэнос-Айрес - 18 сентября 2008, Кёльн) - немецкий композитор аргентинского происхождения.

Родился в еврейской семье, по материнской линии происходил из белорусских евреев. Изучал в Буэнос-Айресском университете литературу и философию; не был принят в консерваторию, но частным образом занимался под руководством Альберто Хинастера. Начиная с 1950 г. выступал как кинокритик, в 1955-1957 гг. работал репетитором с хором Камерной оперы Театра Колон.

С 1957 г. жил и работал в Кёльне. В 1960-1976 гг. (с небольшим перерывом) преподавал на Летних курсах новой музыки в Дармштадте, в 1974-1997 гг. профессор музыкального театра в Кёльнской консерватории. В разное время преподавал также в Буффало, Гётеборге, Берлине.

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 Mauricio Kagel - '1898. Music For Renaissance Instruments' - 1998, Deutsche Grammophon
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