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     Thomas Larcher

Pianist and composer Thomas Larcher, born 1963, grew up in Tyrol, Austria.

After studying at the Vienna Conservatory he began his career as a pianist, significantly influenced by his enthusiastic exploration of contemporary modern music. Larcher places this music frequently in the context of its musical roots. The collaboration with composers such as Friedrich Cerha, Heinz Holliger, Olga Neuwirth and Johannes Maria Staud is therefore a matter of special importance to him.

The search for interconnecting musical lines and relationships also influences the pianist's recordings. In one production, for example, he combines piano pieces by Schubert and Schoenberg. His CDs have received numerous awards, among them the Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik, the Choc de la musique and the Gramophone Editors Choice.

With the Klangspuren Festival, founded in 1994, Larcher created a platform for the exemplary conveyance of modern music. Apart from its very high musical level, the festival is also distinguished by being strongly anchored in the region of Tyrol.

Larcher the composer has always taken second place to the interpreter, festival director and teacher (since 2001 he has led a piano class at the Basel Conservatory). Larcher himself refers to his compositional work as an area of retreat, providing space for self-exploration. His album Naunz, released on ECM New Series in 2001, bears witness to his work as a composer.

Thomas Larcher lives in Tyrol and Basel. Current plans include performances with leading orchestras and at festivals, as well as compositions for, among others, Juliane Banse, Kim Kashkashian and the piano duo Till Fellner/Thomas Larcher.


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