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     Burnt Friedman

Performed As: Nonplace Urban Field, Drome, Some More Crime, Bernd Friedman
Genres: Electronica
Styles: Trip-Hop, Experimental Electro, Acid Jazz, Ambient Dub

One-half of space jazz duo Flanger and head of Nonplace Records, Burnt Friedman has lent his ear to several projects under various aliases. Recording under the name Drone in the early '90s for Kim Cascone's now-legendary Silent imprint, Friedman formed Flanger in 1997 with Atom Heart. He went on to form the Nu Dub Players in 2000 and released several recordings with the group for the Scape imprint while maintaining a successful solo career on Nonplace.

-Rob Theakston (All Music Guide)

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www.burntfriedman.com/ Personal website. Discography, news
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bernd_Friedmann About from 'wikipedia'
en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bernd_Friedmann About from 'wapedia.mobi' [mobile]
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  как основной исполнитель ...
 Burnt Friedman - 'Con Ritmo' - 2000, Nonplace
 Burnt Friedman - 'Plays Love Songs' - 2001, Nonplace

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