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     Ivan Neville

Born: August 19, 1959, New Orleans, Louisiana
Genres: Rock
Styles: Urban, Retro-Soul, Pop/Rock
Instruments: Keyboards, Vocals

A member of the next Neville Generation, bassist Ivan Neville went with Keith Richards on his first solo tour. The son of Aaron Neville, he has also played in Bonnie Raitt's band and was on The Rolling Stones' Dirty Work LP. His debut album If My Ancestors Could See Me Now for Polydor did land one Top 40 pop hit with "Not Just Another Girl."

- Ron Wynn (All Music Guide)


The Neville Family is considered by many to be one of the most gifted musical and creative families in America. Ivan Neville began absorbing the musical attitudes of his family at birth. Ivan learned to play keyboards, guitar, bass and drums and in his teens started playing with his father, Aaron, and his uncles, Art, Charles and Cyril in the Neville Brothers.

Ivan moved to Los Angeles where he expanded his musical prowess and gained an overall no-nonsense attitude to his approach at writing, performing and recording music. It wasn't long before he became a pivotal member of Bonnie Raitt's band, Rufus, Keith Richards and the Xpensive Winos and the Spin Doctors. Ivan launched his solo career with the acclaimed If My Ancestors Could See Me Now and, several years later, followed with Thanks. In between solo records, Ivan wrote, performed and/or recorded with Bonnie Raitt, Keith Richards, Robbie Robertson, The Rolling Stones and other major artists.

Ivan recently wrote and co-produced Saturday Morning Music, a highly autobiographical solo album. Saturday Morning Music is a timeless hybrid of Soul, Rock, and New Orleans Funk that translates into an incomparable modern musical gumbo that includes performances by Bonnie Raitt, Bobbie Womack, Keith Richards and Aaron Neville. Ivan says:

"Saturday Morning Music was a chance to express myself and reflect on my life. The sound of this record is a mix of the music I grew up with as well as the music I've been involved with in the past couple of years. The songs are my story and the people who collaborated with me are not only my friends and family, but also my mentors. I am very fortunate to complete a project like this that is rewarding on so many levels. I feel extremely blessed to do this for a living."

Ivan is currently performing with his own band which recently appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman, and has also re-teamed with his father and uncles, The Neville Brothers, for future recordings and live performances.


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