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     Robert Miles

Real name: Roberto Concina
Born: Nov 3, 1969 in Switzerland
Genres: Electronica
Styles: House, Club/Dance, Trance, Progressive House
Instruments: Producer, DJ

"Children" was inspired by a collection of photos taken by Miles' father while stationed in war-torn Yugoslavia; the DJ was equally disturbed by the growing number of deaths plaguing the Italian rave community, and he soon began work on "Children," a simple, piano-driven instrumental anthem produced at a cost of only Ј150. Originally issued in 1994, the single slowly emerged as an international blockbuster, topping charts in Germany, France, Holland and Belgium on its way to becoming the biggest European single of 1996; it also fell just shy of reaching the Top 20 on the American pop charts. After its follow-up, "Fable," Miles issued his debut LP Dreamland, with its remix companion Dreamland II appearing a short time later. He resurfaced in 1997 with 23 AM.

-Jason Ankeny (All Music Guide)

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 Robert Miles - 'Miles_Gurtu' - 2004, EMI

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