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     Jesse Harris

Genres: Rock
Styles: Singer/Songwriter, Americana
Instruments: Guitar (Acoustic), Vocals

Jesse Harris first came into the public's eye as a guitarist and songwriter on Norah Jones' 2002 Grammy-winning album Come Away With Me, but his musical career dates back well before his collaborations with Miss Jones. A native New Yorker, Harris grew up studying classical piano and teaching himself guitar, focusing on the songwriting end first, with the actual musicianship coming second. Club dates in his late teens led to a deal with EMI and a 1995 album recorded with vocalist Rebecca Martin under the group name Once Blue. Harris' next project was the looser and more organic Ferdinandos (with Tony Scherr on guitar, Tim Luntzel on bass, and Kenny Wollesen on drums), who released a series of self-produced CDs and developed a following at the East Village club the Living Room. His work in clubs led to his working relationship with Jones and a major part in crafting her Blue Note debut. The album's commercial success helped to bring Harris' songwriting abilities to the music community's attention and led to his collaborations with other contemporary artists as well as a label deal for the Ferdinandos. The group's major-label debut on Verve's Blue Thumb Records imprint was warmly received upon its release in the spring of 2003.

-Zac Johnson (All Music Guide)

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