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     Jackie McLean

Real name: John Lenwood McLean, Jr.
Born: May 17, 1932 in New York, NY
Died: March 31, 2006
Genres: Jazz
Styles: Post-Bop, Hard Bop
Instruments: Sax (Alto)

Jackie McLean has long had his own sound, played slightly sharp and with great intensity; he is recognizable within two notes. McLean was one of the few bop-oriented players of the early '50s who explored free jazz in the 1960s, widening his emotional range and drawing from the new music qualities that fit his musical personality.

The son of guitarist John McLean (who played guitar with Tiny Bradshaw), Jackie started on alto when he was 15. As a teenager he was friends with such neighbors as Bud Powell, Thelonious Monk and Sonny Rollins. He made his recording debut with Miles Davis in 1951 and the rest of the decade could be considered his apprenticeship. McLean worked with George Wallington, Charles Mingus and Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers (1956-58). He also participated on a string of jam session-flavored records for Prestige and New Jazz which, due to the abysmal pay and his developing style, he has since disowned. Actually they are not bad but pale compared to McLean's classic series of 21 Blue Note albums (1959-67). On sessions such as One Step Beyond and Destination Out, McLean really stretches and challenges himself; this music is quite original and intense yet logical. McLean also appeared as a sideman on some sessions for Blue Note, acted in the stage play The Connection (1959-61) and led his own groups on a regular basis. By 1968 however he was moving into the jazz education field and other than some SteepleChase records from 1972-74 (including two meetings with his early idol Dexter Gordon) and an unfortunate commercial outing for RCA (1978-79), McLean was less active as a player during the 1970s. However in the 1980s Jackie McLean returned to a more active playing schedule (sometimes with his son Rene McLean on tenor), recording for Triloka, Antilles and most recently (with a renewed relationship) with Blue Note - without losing the intensity and passion of his earlier days.

-Scott Yanow (All Music Guide)

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 Jackie McLean - 'A Fickle Sonance' - 1999, Blue Note
 Jackie McLean - 'A Long Drink Of The Blues' - 1957, OJC, JVC Victor
 Jackie McLean - 'Alto Madness' - 1992, OJC
 Jackie McLean - 'Bluesnik' - 1989, Blue Note
 Jackie McLean - 'Bout Soul' - 1967, Blue Note
 Jackie McLean - 'Consequence' - 2005, Blue Note
 Jackie McLean - 'Dynasty' - 1990, Triloka
 Jackie McLean - 'Hat Trick' - 1996, Blue Note
 Jackie McLean - 'Jackie McLean And Co.' - 1957, OJC, Prestige
 Jackie McLean - 'Jackie McLean Plays Fat Jazz' - 1957, Japanese Import
 Jackie McLean - 'Jackie's Bag' - 1959, Blue Note
 Jackie McLean - 'Jacknife' - 1966, Blue Note
 Jackie McLean - 'Let Freedom Ring' - 1962, Blue Note
 Jackie McLean - 'Lights Out!' - 1992, OJC
 Jackie McLean - 'Makin' The Changes' - 1957, OJC, Presige
 Jackie McLean - 'Nature Boy' - 2000, Blue Note
 Jackie McLean - 'New & Old Gospel' - 1967, EMI
 Jackie McLean - 'New Wine In Old Bottles' - 2007, Test Of Time
 Jackie McLean - 'One Step Beyond' - 1987, Blue Note
 Jackie McLean - 'Rhythm Of The Earth' - 1992, Dreyfus
 Jackie McLean - 'Rites Of Passage' - 1991, Triloka
 Jackie McLean - 'The Jackie Mac Attack Live' - 2003, Dreyfus Records, Birdology
 Jackie McLean - 'Tippin' The Scales' - 1962, Blue Note
 Jackie McLean - 'Tune Up' - 1993, SteepleChase
 Jackie McLean - 'Vertigo' - 1963, Blue Note
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 Freddie Redd - 'The Music From "The Connection"' - 1960, Blue Note
 Mal Waldron - 'Left Alone '86' - 1993, Evidence
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 Gene Ammons - 'Jammin' In Hi Fi With Gene Ammons' - 1957, Prestige, OJC
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 Tina Brooks - 'Back To The Tracks' - 1960, Blue Note
 Kenny Burrell - 'Two Guitars' - 1957, Prestige, OJC
 Donald Byrd - 'Off To The Races' - 1958, Blue Note
 Sonny Clark - 'Cool Struttin'' - 1958, Blue Note
 Walter Davis Jr. - 'Davis Cup' - 2007, Blue Note, EMI
 Miles Davis - 'Dig' - 1956, Prestige
 Miles Davis - 'The Musings Of Miles. Miles Davis And Milt Jackson Quintet / Sextet' - 1955, Prestige, Азбука Звука
 Kenny Dorham - 'Matador. Inta Somethin'' - 1961, M&A Group, Planet Music
 Ray Draper - 'Tuba Sounds' - 2001, OJC, Prestige
 Abbey Lincoln - 'The World Is Falling Down' - 1990, Verve
 Charles Mingus - 'Blues & Roots' - 1960, Atlantic
 Charles Mingus - 'Pithecanthropus Erectus' - 1956, Atlantic
 Grachan Moncur III - 'Evolution' - 1963, Blue Note
 Grachan Moncur III - 'Mosaic Select: Grachan Moncur III' - 2004, Mosaic
 Lee Morgan - 'Cornbread' - 1965, Blue Note
 Sonny Rollins - 'Scoops' - 2002, Past Perfect
 Various Artists - 'The Art Of Jazz' - 1999, Blue Note

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