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     The Herbie Nichols Project

Formed: 1992
Group Members: Frank Kimbrough, Ben Allison, Tim Horner, Matt Wilson, Ron Horton, Jeff Ballard, Ted Nash
Genres: Jazz
Styles: Modern Creative, Progressive Big Band
Instruments: Group

The Herbie Nichols Project has recorded modern renditions of compositions by late pianist Herbie Nichols for the Soul Note and Palmetto labels. The group was co-founded by pianist Frank Kimbrough and bassist Ben Allison in 1992, and is tied in to the Jazz Composers Collective, a New York organization which started around the same time. The Herbie Nichols Project's recorded their debut, Love Is Proximity, during 1995-1996. While the drummers changed with each album, trumpeter/flugelhornist Ron Horton was a mainstay, and saxophonist Ted Nash joined on by the time of the band's 1999 recording Dr. Cyclop's Dream, also on Soul Note. Their third album - and first for Palmetto - Strange City (2001) included drummer Matt Wilson.

-Joslyn Layne (All Music Guide)

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 The Herbie Nichols Project - 'Dr. Cyclops' Dreams' - 1999, Soul Note

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