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     No Knife

Formed: 1993
Genres: Rock
Styles: Emo, Alternative Pop/Rock, Indie Rock

San Diego alternative quartet No Knife was formed by vocalist Mitch Wilson, guitarist Aaron Mancini, bassist Brian Desjean, and drummer Ike Zaremba, and recorded their debut album Drunk on the Moon for Goldenrod Records. After touring with Heavy Vegetable and aMiniature (and replacing Mancini with Ryan Ferguson), the quartet signed to Time Bomb Recordings. The label reissued Drunk on the Moon in 1996 and released the second No Knife album, Hit Man Dreams, in July 1997. Drummer Zaremba departed in favor of Chris Prescott (formerly of Tanner), and a new album, Fire in the City of Automatons, appeared in 1999. After a three year wait, Riot for Romance arrived in the summer of 2002.

-John Bush (All Music Guide)

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 No Knife - 'Riot For Romance!' - 2002, Better Looking

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