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     Jesse Cook

Genres: Newage
Styles: Flamenco, Ethnic Fusion, Adult Alternative
Instruments: Guitar

Rumba flamenco artist Jesse Cook has blended the exotic Spanish music form with elements of new age, jazz, and easy listening on his releases for Narada Records. Signed to the label in 1994, he produced his debut Tempest one year later. Gravity, released in 1996, hit the Top Ten on the new age charts. Two years following, Vertigo was released and Free Fall appeared in mid-2000.

-John Bush (All Music Guide)

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  как основной исполнитель ...
 Jesse Cook - 'Free Fall' - 2000, Narada
 Jesse Cook - 'Montreal' - 2004, Narada
 Jesse Cook - 'Nomad' - 2003, Narada
 Jesse Cook - 'Tempest' - 1995, Narada
 Jesse Cook - 'The Blue Guitar Sessions' - 2012, eOne
 Jesse Cook - 'Vertigo' - 1998, Virgin
  как соисполнитель ...
 The Afro-Celt Sound System - 'Volume 4. Seed' - 2003, Real World

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