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     Milcho Leviev

Born: Dec 19, 1937 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Genres: Jazz
Styles: Post-Bop, Fusion
Instruments: Keyboards, Piano

The exotic rhythms of Bulgarian music are combined with the improvisations of jazz through the piano and keyboard playing of Milcho Leviev. A member of Don Ellis' band in the 1970s and a well-traveled sideman for Billy Cobham, Art Pepper and Al Jarreau and leader of jazz-rock band, Free Flight, in the 1980s, Leviev has continued with his cross-cultural musical experiments.. In addition to leading his own trio, featuring bassist Jamie Faust and drummer Dick Weller, Leviev has performed with the Leviev-Slon Quartet, featuring drummer Claudio Slon, bassist Mark Simon and percussionist Cassio Duarte, and, the Jamie Faust Trio.

A graduate of the Bulgarian State Music Academy, Leviev worked as pianist and director of the Bulgarian Radio and Television Big Band in the mid-1960s. Temporarily relocating to Germany, he worked with Albert Mangelsdorff.

At the urging of trumpet player and bandleader Don Ellis, Leviev emigrated to the United States in 1971. For the next years, he was a seminal member of Ellis' large orchestra. Leaving Ellis in 1977, Leviev played with a wide range of jazz and fusion musicians. Forming Free Flight in 1980, he spent three years exploring the possibilities of fusing jazz and rock influences.

- Craig Harris (All Music Guide)


b. 19 December 1937, Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Leviev studied formally at the Bulgarian State Music Academy, and by the early 60s was playing piano and directing orchestras on radio and television. He was also active as a composer, experimenting with music to be played by classical and jazz ensembles. In the early 70s he was in Germany and soon moved to the USA, where he began a fruitful association with Don Ellis. In addition to playing with Ellis he also composed and arranged, finding considerable rapport with Ellis's imaginative use of complex time signatures and incorporation of ethnic concepts. Also in the 70s, Leviev played in small groups led by, amongst others, John Klemmer and Billy Cobham. In the early 80s, Leviev worked with Art Pepper, with whom he appeared at Ronnie Scott's, an occasion recorded on Blues For The Fisherman and True Blues. He also worked with Al Jarreau and led his own small band, Free Flight. Although Free Flight was a jazz-rock fusion band, Leviev continued to associate with big bands, working with Gerald Wilson and others. In the mid-80s he formed a duo with Charlie Haden and later in the decade was involved in a number of US west coast-based small groups. In addition to the valuable contribution he has made through his writing, Leviev consistently demonstrates his skills as a keyboard player, bringing his classical training to bear upon the complexities of the advanced musical style in which he frequently chooses to work.


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