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     Blues Company

The Blues has been called the most important truly American musical invention, and it?s definitely the most indigenous Afro-American art form. Over the years the blues has conquered the world, and has influenced musicians in all imaginable cultural environments.

Germany is the second largest market for recorded music. Musicians such as John Lee Hooker and B.B. King have been acknowledged as giants in their field - and have been filling up large concert halls since the 1950?s.

Home grown talent is also widely accepted, and the BLUES COMPANY is the most popular German blues band, considering ticket and record sales.

The BLUES COMPANY features an international line-up of top musicians, and has released 13 albums and one Live-Video in 21 years of regular touring all over Europe, distributed almost all over the world!

Their high-octane stage act and emotional delivery has earned them cult status among their many fans - not only in Germany!

They are also constantely touring in Holland, Poland, France, Belgium, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Greece, the former GDR, Macedonia, Luxemburg, Cyprus, and Switzerland - more than 2.500 concerts so far!!

Their brand of blues can be easely classified. Varitey is more important to the band than straight purism.

It ?s blues (!), suitable for airplay, with European influences, such as the bandleaders folk-roots!

The founder, leader, singer and songwriter of the BLUES COMPANY is Toscho Todorovic. Originated from the former Yugoslavia, he is surely one of the foremost European blues singers and guitarists and one of the main forces behind the current German blues boom.

He also produces other blues artists such as ANGELA BROWN and recently released his first Solo-album: SERIOUS FUN.

Just as important for the band is Martin Schmachtenberg, a rock -solid drummer who not only delivers the necessary drive since 15 years to the band, but also sings part of the songs in his distinctive baritone voice.

Mike Titre on lead and slide-guitar as well as harp, hails from the Carribbean. His precise, emotional playing, his exhuberance as well as his excellent songwriting are an integral part of the band?s sound and live appearance since 15 years.

Last, but not least, there is Oliver Gee, the most recent addition to the band. He joined four years ago on bass and Hammond - organ, and has already become an important ingredient in the BLUES COMPANY?S blues brew.


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 Blues Company - 'Damn! Let's Jam!' - 1991, Triloka, In-Akustik
 Blues Company - 'Hot And Ready To Serve' - 2008, In-Akustik
 Blues Company - 'Invitation To The Blues' - 2001, In-Akustik, AGAT
 Blues Company - 'Keepin' The Blues Alive' - 2004, In-Akustik
 Blues Company - 'O'Town Grooves' - 2010, In-Akustik
 Blues Company - 'Two Nights Only' - 2001, In-Akustik

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