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     Walter Frye

Country: England
Birth: 14??
Death: fl. 1450 -1475
Period: Renaissance

Walter Frye was one of the most important English composers of his period of the Renaissance era. This was a very troubled time in English history, which is likely the reason there is little documentation of his life. Musicology about him, in the absence of hard facts, has taken the form of arguments about assumptions: For instance, since "Frye" is a variant of "free," might Walter Frye be the same person as a Gualterius Libertas, who was in the Papal choir in 1629. (Others counter that this person was a Frenchman, Gautier Libert.)

Also due to the English civil strike, most of Frye's music was published on the Continent and had a period of great popularity in the Piedmont region of Italy. The works he was known to have written include three masses, a kyrie, several motets, and some ballads and rondeau. Some of these survive only in fragmentary form.

- Joseph Stevenson (All Music Guide)

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 Walter Frye - 'Missa Flos Regalis. Motets' - 1993, ECM

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