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     Rupert Gottfried Frieberger

Born in 1951 in Linz/Donau, has belonged to the Prae-monstratensian monastery since 1969. He studied theology and church music, organ, harpsichord and composition in Vienna. Since 1975 he has built up an international music center with Ingemar Melchersson in Schlagl. Teaching activities in the fields of musicology and liturgy at the University of Salzburg, organ expert, international composition commissions. Several prizes, including first prize atthe organ improvisation competition in Haarlem in 1974, in 1984 and 1987 the Theodor Korner Prize for composition. The Golden Order of Merit of the Republic of Austria.

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 Heinrich Schuetz - 'Johannes-Passion' - 1990, Christophorus-Verlag

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