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     Harri Ahmas

(b. 1957) graduated from the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki in 1984 after studies with E. Elola; he continued his studies in Vienna with K. Ohlberger and Milan Turkovic. As well as the bassoon, he also studied composition at the Sibelius Academy. He joined the Lahti Symphony Orchestra as solo bassoonist in 1989, at the same time becoming one of the Lahti Chamber Ensemble's leading lights. His experience as a bassoonist, chamber musician and composer has encouraged the ensemble to undertake ever more challenging activities. The successful performance of Sofia Gubaidulina's Bassoon Concerto by Harri Ahmas and the Lahti Chamber Ensemble at the Helsinki Festival in 1991 encouraged the composer (who attended the concert) to suggest that their interpretation of the work be included on the present CD.

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 Sofia Gubaidulina - 'Concerto For Bassoon & Low Strings. Concordanza. Detto II' - 1993, BIS

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