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     Alexander Rudin

Alexander RUDIN, violoncello

Born in 1960. Studied the violoncello with Professor Evgrafov and the piano with Ponizovsky at the Gnessin Institute. Between 1985 and 1989 he studied orchestral conducting with Dimitri Kitayenko at the Moscow Conservatory. He is a prizewinner in numerous competitions : Concertino-Praga (1973), the Leipzig Bach Competition (1976), the Tchaikovsky Competition (1978 and 1982), the Florence Cassado Competition (1979), among others. His repertory includes all the classical works for the cello as well as a large number of contemporary works (Denissov, Schnittke). He has played with the Saint Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra, the Moscow Philharmonic, the Vienna Symphony and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestras. He is the conductor and the artistic director of the Musica Viva chamber orchestra.

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 Valentin Silvestrov - 'Dialogues And Dedications' - 2006, SoLyd
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