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     Down To The Bone

Group Members: Neil Angilley, Stuart Wade
Genres: Jazz
Styles: Smooth Jazz, Acid Jazz, Contemporary Jazz, Soul-Jazz

Far from your run-of-the-mill contemporary jazz chart-toppers, the duo of Stuart Wade and Chris Morgans come from a long line of British advocates of jazz including Brand New Heavies and US3. Their first album as Down to the Bone, 1997's From Manhattan to Staten, did predictably well around their base in Chobham, Surrey, but also transferred to American smooth jazz charts. Second album The Urban Grooves featured a track recorded one of Wade and Morgans' original inspirations, organist Reuben Wilson, and topped jazz charts in America after its 1998 release date. Following that album's success, the sequel Urban Grooves 2 came out in 1999. Spread the World: Album III followed in early 2001.

-John Bush (All Music Guide)

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 Down To The Bone - 'Cellar Funk' - 2004, Narada Jazz
 Down To The Bone - 'Crazy Vibes And Things' - 2002, GRP
 Down To The Bone - 'Spread Love Like Wildfire' - 2005, EMI, Narada
 Down To The Bone - 'Spread The Word: Album III' - 2000, Internal Bass
 Down To The Bone - 'The Urban Grooves' - 1999, Internal Bass

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