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     Nat Adderley

Real name: Nathaniel Adderley
Born: Nov 25, 1931 in Tampa, FL
Died: Jan 2, 2000
Genres: Jazz
Styles: Hard Bop, Soul-Jazz
Instruments: Cornet

Nat Adderley's cornet (which in its early days was strongly influenced by Miles Davis) was always a complementary voice to his brother Cannonball in their popular quintet. His career ran parallel to his older brother for quite some time. Nat took up trumpet in 1946, switched to cornet in 1950, and spent time in the military, playing in an Army band during 1951-1953. After a period with Lionel Hampton (1954-1955), Nat made his recording debut in 1955, joined Cannonball's unsuccessful quintet of 1956-1957, and then spent periods with the groups of J.J. Johnson and Woody Herman before hooking up with Cannonball again in October 1959. This time the group became a major success and Nat remained in the quintet until Cannonball's death in 1975, contributing such originals as "Work Song," "Jive Samba," and "The Old Country" along with many exciting hard bop solos. Nat Adderley, who was at the peak of his powers in the early to mid-'60s and became adept at playing solos that dipped into the subtone register of his horn, led his own quintets after Cannonball's death; his most notable sidemen were altoists Sonny Fortune (in the early '80s) and Vincent Herring. Although his own playing declined somewhat - Adderley's chops no longer had the endurance of his earlier days - Nat continued recording worthwhile sessions in the years prior to his death on January 2, 2000. Many but not all of his recordings through the years are currently available (for such labels as Savoy, EmArcy, Riverside, Jazzland, Atlantic, Milestone, A&M, Capitol, Prestige, SteepleChase, Galaxy, Theresa, In & Out, Landmark, Evidence, Enja, Timeless, Jazz Challenge, and Chiaroscuro).

- Scott Yanow (All Music Guide)

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 Nat Adderley - 'Adderley Brothers' - 2006, Brilliant
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 Julian 'Cannonball' Adderley - 'Inside Straight' - 1973, Original Jazz, Ars Nova
 Julian 'Cannonball' Adderley - 'Nippon Soul' - 1992, Riverside, OJC
 Julian 'Cannonball' Adderley - 'Phenix' - 1975, Fantasy
 Kenny Burrell - 'Ellington Is Forever Vol.2' - 1977, Concord, Fantasy
 Benny Carter - 'Benny Carter All Stars' - 2004, Universal
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 Benny Golson - 'That's Funky' - 2000, Arkadia Jazz
 Paul Gonsalves - 'Gettin' Together!' - 1960, JazzLand, OJC
 Jimmy Heath - 'The Thumper' - 1959, OJC, Riverside
 Budd Johnson - 'Budd Johnson And The Four Brass Giants' - 1960, OJC, Riverside
 J.J. Johnson - 'The Trombone Master' - 1961, Columbia Jazz
 Sam Jones - 'The Chant' - 1961, OJC
 Sam Jones - 'The Soul Society' - 1960, OJC
 Wynton Kelly - 'Kelly Blue' - 1991, Riverside, OJC
 Carmen McRae - 'Sings Lover Man And Other Billie Holiday Classics' - 1997, Columbia, Legacy
 The Jay & Kai Trombone Octet - 'Jay And Kai + 6: The Jay And Kai Trombone Octet/J.J. In Person' - 1995, Collectables
 Luther Vandross - 'Busy Body' - 1983, Epic
 Luther Vandross - 'Never Too Much' - 1981, Epic, Legacy
 Eddie 'Cleanhead' Vinson - 'Cleanhead And Cannonball' - 1990, Milestone, Fantasy
 Joe Williams - 'Joe Williams Live' - 1973, Fantasy, OJC
 Nancy Wilson - 'Nancy Wilson & Cannonball Adderley' - 1962, Capitol

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