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     Bernie Worrell

Born: Apr 19, 1944 in Long Beach, NJ
Genres: Rock
Styles: Funk
Instruments: Keyboards, Piano, Synthesizer, Organ

Raised in Plainfield, NJ, Bernie Worrell was a classically trained pianist at three years old. Throughout his childhood he played with symphonies and orchestras, and even wrote his own concerto at the age of eight. Slowly, he listened to the radio and discovered sounds other than classical, and when he went to college, he played with a number of bar bands, including the Tavares (who were known as Chubby & the Turnpikes back then). It was also around this time that Worrell met George Clinton, who was the vocalist for a Motown-influenced group called the Parliaments. The Parliaments soon split up and moved to Detroit, where Clinton re-formed them into a new group, called Parliament. Clinton then formed another side band, called Funkadelic, several of whose members had been in Parliament but were now performing under the new name due to contractual glitches. Worrell joined Funkadelic in 1970, beginning with their album Free Your Mind and Your Ass Will Follow. He was an essential part of the P-Funk mob and continued to play with them right up until the early '80s. He then joined the Talking Heads as a session man and went on tour with them throughout the '80s, basically working with David Byrne and the band right up to their split in early 1992. Besides his solo career, Worrell continues to work with members of the P-Funk, including Bootsy Collins. His work on such songs as "Flashlight," "(Not Just) Knee Deep," and "Cosmic Slop" influenced not only other R&B/soul artists but also many rap groups, who continue to sample his work in their own songs.

- John Book (All Music Guide)

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 Bernie Worrell - 'Blacktronic Science' - 1993, Gramavision
 Bernie Worrell - 'Funk Of Ages' - 1990, Gramavision
 Bernie Worrell - 'Pieces Of Woo: The Other Side' - 1993, CMP Records
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 Ginger Baker - 'Horses And Trees' - 1986, Celluloid
 Ginger Baker - 'Middle Passage' - 1990, Axiom
 George Clinton - 'Computer Games' - 1982, Capitol
 George Clinton - 'Dope Dogs' - 1998, Dogone
 Brian Culbertson - 'Bringing Back The Funk' - 2008, GRP
 Aiyb Dieng - 'Rhythmagick' - 1997, Subharmonic
 Funkadelic - 'America Eats Its Young' - 1972, Westbound
 Funkadelic - 'Cosmic Slop' - 1973, Westbound
 Funkadelic - 'Funkadelic Live: Meadowbrook, Rochester, Michigan 1971' - 1971, Westbound
 Funkadelic - 'Hardcore Jollies' - 1976, Priority
 Funkadelic - 'Let's Take It To The Stage' - 1994, Westbound, Ace
 Funkadelic - 'Maggot Brain' - 1971, Westbound, Ace
 Funkadelic - 'One Nation Under A Groove' - 1993, Priority Records
 Funkadelic - 'Standing On The Verge Of Getting It On' - 1974, Westbound
 Funkadelic - 'Uncle Jam Wants You' - 1979, Priority Records
 Trilok Gurtu - 'Twenty Years Of Talking Tabla: The Definitive' - 2007, Union Square Music
 Eddie Hazel - 'Game, Dames And Guitar Thangs' - 1977, Rhino
 Johnnie Johnson - 'Johnnie B. Bad' - 1992, Elektra Nonesuch
 Angelique Kidjo - 'Black Ivory Soul' - 2002, Sony Music
 Bill Laswell - 'Sacred System: Nagual Site' - 1998, RCA
 Marisa Monte - 'A Great Noise' - 1996, Capitol
 Marisa Monte - 'Mais' - 1991, World Pacific
 Marisa Monte - 'Rose And Charcoal' - 1994, Blue Note
 Praxis - 'Transmutation (Mutatis Mutandis)' - 1992, Axiom
 Pharoah Sanders - 'Message From Home' - 1996, Verve
 Talking Heads - 'Speaking In Tongues' - 1983, Sire
 Shin Terai - 'Heaven And Hell' - 2004, Innerhythmic Foundat
 Shin Terai - 'Unison' - 2001, ION
 Third Rail - 'South Delta Space Age' - 1997, Polygram
 Fred Wesley - 'A Blow For Me, A Toot To You' - 1977, Atlantic
 Fred Wesley - 'Say Blow By Blow Backwards' - 2003, P-Vine Records
 Jah Wobble - 'Heaven And Earth' - 1995, Island Red
 Gota Yashiki - 'It's So Different Here' - 1997, Instinct
 Zapp - 'The New Zapp IV U' - 1985, Warner Bros.

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