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     Attention Deficit

Genres: Rock

After checking the background of some of the members of the supergroup Attention Deficit - Testament and Primus - you'd expect the group's music to be metallic prog rock. While there's no denying that the music is quite technically demanding, the all-instrumental trio (which includes Alex Skolnick on electric and acoustic guitars, Tim Alexander on drums and percussion, and Michael Manring on four-, six-, and ten-string basses, loops) is surprisingly more of a funk rock band, who loves to jam on a good groove. The group formed in the late '90s (all three had been friends for some time however, as both Skolnick and Alexander guested on Manring's 1994 solo release, Thonk), signed on with the renowned prog metal label Magna Carta shortly thereafter, and have issued a pair of albums thus far - 1998's self-titled debut and 2001's The Idiot King.

- Greg Prato (All Music Guide)

Нарушение Внимания (Attention Deficit Disorder)

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 Attention Deficit - 'The Idiot King' - 2001, Magna Carta

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