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     Harold Land

Real name: Harold de Vance Land
Born: Dec 18, 1928 in Houston, TX
Died: Jul 27, 2001
Genres: Jazz
Styles: Hard Bop, Post-Bop
Instruments: Sax (Tenor)

Harold Land is an underrated tenor saxophonist whose tone has hardened with time and whose improvising style after the 1960s became influenced by (but not a copy of) John Coltrane. He grew up in San Diego and started playing tenor when he was 16. After working locally and making his recording debut for Savoy (1949), Land had his first high-profile gig in 1954 when he joined the Clifford Brown/Max Roach Quintet. Land performed and recorded with the group until late 1955 when due to family problems he had to return home to Los Angeles (where he has been based ever since). He played with Curtis Counce's band (1956-1958), recorded a pair of memorable albums for Contemporary (1958-1959), led his own groups in the 1960s, and co-led groups with Bobby Hutcherson (1967-1971) and Blue Mitchell (1975-1978). Harold Land continued freelancing around Los Angeles up until his death in 2001. Land recorded as a leader (in addition to Savoy and Contemporary) for such labels as Jazzland, Blue Note, Imperial, Atlantic, Cadet, Mainstream, Concord, Muse, and Postcards. His son, Harold Land Jr., occasionally played piano with his groups.

- Scott Yanow (All Music Guide)

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 Harold Land - 'Eastward Ho! Harold Land In New York' - 1960, JazzLand, OJC
 Harold Land - 'Harold In The Land Of Jazz' - 1992, Contemporary, OJC
 Harold Land - 'Mapenzi' - 1990, Concord Jazz
 Harold Land - 'The Fox' - 1988, OJC
 Harold Land - 'West Coast Blues!' - 1960, Columbia, Артель 'Восточный ветер'
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 Red Mitchell - 'Hear Ye!' - 1961, Atlantic, Collectables
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 Clifford Brown - 'Clifford Brown And Max Roach' - 1954, EmArcy
 Clifford Brown - 'Joy Spring' - 2005, MCPS, Proper
 Clifford Brown - 'Study In Brown' - 1956, EmArcy
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 Curtis Counce - 'Complete Studio Recordings: The Master Takes' - 2006, Gambit
 Bill Evans - 'Quintessence' - 1976, Original Jazz
 Jon Faddis - 'Legacy' - 1985, Concord Jazz
 Johnny Hartman - 'Unforgettable' - 1995, Impulse!, GRP
 Hampton Hawes - 'For Real!' - 2003, OJC
 Freddie Hubbard - 'Born To Be Blue' - 1982, Limit Edition, Fantasy
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 Timeless All Stars - 'Timeless Heart' - 2002, Timeless
 Dinah Washington - 'Complete Recordings With Clifford Brown' - 1954, Lone Hill Jazz
 Dinah Washington - 'Dinah Jams' - 1954, PSM, Galactic
 Dinah Washington - 'Jazz 'Round Midnight: Dinah Washington' - 1993, Verve
 Gerald Wilson - 'Moment Of Truth' - 1962, Pacific Jazz
 Gerald Wilson - 'The Artist Selects' - 2005, Blue Note, EMI

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