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Formed: 1969
Group Members: Roger Hodgson, Bob Benberg, Kevin Currie, Rick Davies, Frank Farrell, Mark Hart, John Helliwell, Bob Miller, Richard Palmer, Bob Siebenberg, Carl Verheyen, Dave Winthrop, Dougie Thomson
Genres: Rock
Styles: Album Rock, Arena Rock, Pop/Rock, Soft Rock, Prog-Rock/Art Rock

Once upon a time in 1969, a young Dutch millionaire by the name of Stanley August Miesegaes gave his acquaintance, vocalist and keyboardist Rick Davies a "genuine opportunity" to form his own band; he could form the band of his dreams and Miesegaes would pay for it. After placing an ad in Melody Maker, Davies assembled Supertramp. Supertramp released two long-winded progressive rock albums before Miesegaes withdrew his support. With no money or fan base to speak of, the band was forced to redesign their sound. Coming up with a more pop-oriented form of progressive rock, the band had a hit with their third album, Crime of the Century. Throughout the decade, Supertramp had a number of best-selling albums, culminating in their 1979 masterpiece, Breakfast in America. Breakfast in America marked their first album that tipped the scale completely in the favor of pop songs; on the strength of the hit singles "Goodbye Stranger," "Logical Song," and "Take the Long Way Home" it sold over 18 million copies worldwide. After that album, Supertramp continued to develop a more R&B-flavored style; the change in direction was successful on 1982's Famous Last Words, but they soon ran out of hits. The band continued to sporadically record and tour into the '90s.

- Stephen Thomas Erlewine (All Music Guide)

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